Jeg fikk denne mail fra Kenya i dag, fra en god venn som driver med det samme som meg; hun prøver å redde foreldreløse og utstøtte barn.
Hello Nina, i hope and trust that you are well and encouraged. I know you have been through hard and trying times but i’d like to assure you that better days are ahead. You have spent yourself on behalf of children that are not your own, not even your race. They may have not thanked you for your big heart but i’d like to appreciate you. Nina your labour is not in vain, you’ll surely be rewarded. I keep you in my prayers, may you never faint. Always keep up the spirit. Someone has been touched by your kindness and concern. Am passing through trying moments, sometimes my heart becomes weary but whenever i think of your sacrifice, you’ve come from afar off to support people that you do not know, i get revived. Right now Nina i have a big challenge, there is no food in the store to give to children, i’ve not paid houserent for 2 months amounting to shs.7500, worst of all one boy was admitted to form 1 and as from last term he hasn’t joined school due to lack of funds. I need at least shs.17000 to enable him join school. If only i can get someone to help me meet these needs. Am thankful for your continued support. Regards.