Kjære nordmenn i Kenya,


Oversender til informasjon sikkerhetsoppdatering vedr. Nairobiområdet.

Oppdatering er nettopp mottatt fra FN’s liason officer til Kenyas diplomatiske politi.


Vennlig hilsen


Bent Simonsen

Consular/Administrative Assistant

Royal Norwegian Embassy

Lion Place, Waiyaki Way



Tel: +254 20 4451510,11,13,16

Fax: +254 20 4451517

web site: www.norway.or.ke

      Dear All,  Security officers have been put on high alert to deal with an impending protest by the outlawed Mungiki sect today. The protest by the outlawed group is said to be in support of the report on extrajudicial killings.  The sect plans to paralyze transport and other businesses to call for the implementation of the report. Transport has already been paralyzed in the following areas; Komarock, Kayole, Industrial area along Lunga Lunga road Kawangware, Uthiru, Kinoo, Dagoreti ,Kikuyu, Kiambu and Kirinyaga.    1.  Lung-lunga road– The road has been blocked next to the Cereal board by mungiki adherents using trucks awaiting to offload maize. The road is impassable as they have disappeared with ignition keys to these trucks.Tension is very high.  2. Kitengela— Demonstrators have lit bobfires on the roads. There is minimum flow of traffic.  3. Waiyaki way— Bon fires lit in the middle of the road towards kangemi.  4.  Eastlands–Tension is high with few matatus on the roads.  5. Thika road–Tension is high, few matatus on the roads.   

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