1) HRH Nairobi: -I acted under pressure, says Electoral Commission Chairman KivuituOn Tuesday night, Samuel Kivuitu made a damning admission that he announced results of the fiercely contested presidential election under pressure. The magnitude of the Electoral Commission chairman’s admission and the further dent on the credibility of the election was captured in his answer when asked if indeed President Kibaki won the elections: «I do not know whether Kibaki won the election».


2) HRH Nairobi: The world reacts to Kenya’s crisisThe United Nations has stepped into the impasse over Kenya’s presidential election results with calls to Kenyans to shun violence and leaders to urgently meet and work out a solution. UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon deplored the loss of human lives in the country – so far estimated at over 150 –  after Sunday’s announcement of the election results and directed that peaceful means be embraced in resolving the dispute.


3) HRH Nairobi: Raid on church leaves 35 dead as chaos spreadsAt least 35 people, most of them women and children, died on Tuesday in Eldoret in the most grotesque killing yet in the ongoing post-election violence. They were killed when more than 200 youths burnt down a church where residents of two villages in Eldoret South constituency had sought refuge.


4) HRH Nairobi: Members of the Election Commission of Kenya express concern over resultFive members of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) have broken ranks with their colleagues over the disputed election result. -We cannot remain silent under the circumstances. Like all Kenyans, we are deeply affected, the commissioners said in a statement.


5) HRH Nairobi: < span style="font-size: 10pt; color: #444444; font-family: Verdana">Violent protests, more than 100 killed, as Kenya’s election result is riggedIn 48 constituencies, all in President Mwai Kibaki´s support base areas of the country, the results as declared locally do not correspond with those announced by the Nairobi headquarters of the Election Commission of Kenya (ECK). Within ten minutes of releasing the results, Kibaki was sworn in. Violent protests immediately broke out and continue in large parts of the country. Houses have been set ablaze, looting is out of control and the death toll, according to Kenya´s national broadcaster KTN, currently stands at 124.  

6) HRH Nairobi: Kenya Human Rights Commission cites election flawsElectoral malpractices and human rights violations in campaigns are likely to impact negatively on the General Election today, says the Kenya Human Rights Commission. – Although concerns have been raised over rampant human rights violations and electoral malpractices, little has been done by relevant State institutions to address them. This has cast doubt on the fairness of the 2007 polls, the human rights NGO warns.